Lightwriter Sl40 Series Scanner

Manufactured by Abilia Ltd

DLF's summary

Scanning device available in two different models, allowing communication either through face to face communication, or, using the SL40 Connect model, SMS texting and making mobile phone calls.


  • designed for those who do not have the physical ability or energy to use a full keyboard
  • keys will light up row-by-row or key-by-key and can be chosen using a switch
  • word prediction and phrase lists based on the user's own language use
  • notebook for storage and speech of longer texts
  • alarm clock and phone book functions
  • adjustable keyboard depths
  • two year comprehensive warranty
  • comes with two switches
  • carry bag
  • charger
  • SIM card

Product dimensions

Switch scanning controlStandard

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Manufacturer's contact

Abilia Ltd
Unit 12
Buckingway Business Park
CB24 4AE
01954 281210

Manufacturer's product description

Communicate efficiently and effectively either through face to face communication, SMS texting, or make mobile phone calls* from this small compact device at home or when you are out and about.

The Lightwriter Scanning package enables access to the SL40 and SL40 Connect for those with limited abilities and those with progressive or changing needs.

UPGRADES ALSO AVAILABLE - Any existing SL40 Series model can be upgraded. If you are interested in an upgrade, please contact us for pricing and ordering details