Letter, word, picture charts & accessories

Letter, word, picture charts & accessories

The items listed in this section are low-tech devices which enable basic communication if you have little or no speech. Letters, words, or pictures are displayed in a folder, book or on a chart which you can point to with your finger or eyes (Ace Centre, 2010).

If the product contains a page of letters and numbers, you can construct words and sentences by pointing at one letter or digit at a time. Larger systems may contain over 300 picture cards to represent words, food and drink, people or feelings. They may be categorised using colour codes, grouped together in topics or be arranged in a presentation folder to make them easier to use (Ace Centre, 2010).

It may be possible for you to create a folder of your own using a photograph album. This could include pictures or photos of everyday objects with corresponding words or phrases written underneath. This has the advantage of being personalised to meet your own specific requirements.

Letter, word and picture charts can also be useful if you are unable to write things down easily or can provide an aid to basic two-way communication if you are deaf or hard of hearing.

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