Matrix Seating System

Manufactured by Southwest Seating and Rehab Ltd

DLF's summary

Interlinked system which provides adjustable, expandable, custom postural support.


  • cross and circle units
  • ball and socket joint to form a flexible sheet
  • adjusted by releasing centre screw
  • shaped into seating for a variety of positions and transport situations
  • assembled onto aluminium tube frame
  • visible centre line for establishing symmetry
  • open construction allows for visual and tactile assessment of fit
  • foam and terry cloth covers
  • elasticated edges
  • machine washable


  • footrest
  • pommels
  • tilting mechanism
  • tray
  • adjustable headrest

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Manufacturer's contact

Southwest Seating and Rehab Ltd
Unit 9
Hatch Mews Business Park
Hatch Beauchamp
01823 481100

Manufacturer's product description

The Matrix system offers a versatile and proven approach to the management of seating for chairbound clients and is used by seating experts throughout the world. It comprises simple, modular components which can be custom-fitted to almost any shape or size of client and offers the following advantages: Easily adapted to allow for client's growth or changing requirements. Fitting process facilitates adjustment for optimum support, function and comfort. Easy assessment of fit through open matrix. Visible centre line for establishing client's symmetry. Permits incorporation of integral head, arm and footrests. Tilt-in-space mechanism easily built-in. Quickly attachable to wheelchair or buggy using a simple interface Machine washable upholstered covers.

The seating module consists of 3 elements:

Matrix - composed of two repeating units that meet in a ball & socket joint to form a sheet of material that can be shaped in three dimensions and the units locked to retain the shape. Units can be added, or removed, to modify the shape.

Frame - made from 19mm (3/4") or 16mm (5/8") aluminium tube and using unique interconnecting clamps, the frame supports the Matrix allowing the system to be used in a variety of positions and transport situations.

Upholstery - made of flame retardant terry cloth and foam and is machine washable. The stretchable covers are tailor-made to fit over the matrix and quilted to create a soft textured finish.