Mountable communication aids - touch screen

Mountable communication aids - touch screen

This section lists communication aids for mounting on a desk or wheelchair with scanning selection via switch input. This means they can be used if you have a disability which results in difficulty pressing a button, key or touchscreen icon (Abledata, 2008).

They contain a number of squares which can be lit sequentially or in programmable patterns. Symbols are placed on the squares and you stop the light by activating a switch when the required symbol is illuminated - the selected message will then play. The use of switches allows access through any controllable movement of your body (Ace Centre, 2010), (Abledata, 2008).

They can be purchased pre-loaded with icons, but generally you can also add other icon sets or personal images such as photos. Many have touchscreen displays that allow you to change the content and layout of what appears electronically, without overlays (Abledata, 2008).

The speech output may use digitised speech, synthesised speech or both. Digitised messages are created by recording spoken words directly into the communication aid. Synthesised speech is artificial, computer-generated speech - the quality of which is far better than it used to be.

See examples of scanning selection on the website Switch Scanning:

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