Moulded Seating System

Manufactured by Consolor Ltd

DLF's summary

Cushion and backrest system for children that is manufactured by vacuum forming foam and plastic over a plaster cast of the user.


  • permanent foam lining
  • padded upholstery cover


  • one or two removable foam liners
  • flex joint to give a dynamic back which absorbs extensor spasms

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188-194 Spring Road

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08 January 2018

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Manufacturer's contact

Consolor Ltd
188-194 Spring Road
01202 827650

Manufacturer's product description

The Consolor Moulded Seating System is manufactured by vacuum forming foam and plastic over the plaster cast of the client, created during the moulding process of the assessment.
A permanent foam lining is bonded to the internal surface of the seatÂÂ's rigid plastic shell.
One or two removable foam liners can also be manufactured as part of the seat.
Each liner can be between half an inch and one inch thick and covers the internal surface of the seat.
Removing a liner allows an element of growth within the seat.
The seat has a padded upholstery cover, which is tailored specifically to the individual shape of the seat.
The cover is easily removed for cleaning purposes.

Specific Features of Moulded Seating
- The lightest form of custom-made seating.
- Offers a firm supportive surface ideally suited for clients that are aiming for corrective positioning.
- Almost any conceivable shape is achievable, so is ideally suited for accommodation of severe postural needs.
- Slim-line system with minimal bulk to the seat.
- The use of removable liners allows for limited growth and adjust-ability.
- Inherently strong due to the seat being constructed in one piece. i.e. no joins between the seat base and back support.
- Due to the materials and the shape of the seat it is quite insulating but ventilation holes can be added to improve air circulation.
- No framing is required around the mould.
- Low on maintenance requirements.
- A flex joint can be fitted to give a dynamic back which absorbs extensor spasms.