Nimbus Modular Seat

Manufactured by Blatchford

DLF's summary

Modular seat for indoor or outdoor mobility bases.


  • adjustable pelvic support
  • back rest is curved and can be adjusted and locked in various positions
  • seat cushion features an anti-thrust cushion - adjusts as the seat changes in length
  • standard interface
  • single chassis across all three seat sizes - adjustable for height, width and depth
  • thoracic supports


  • range of colours
  • range of fabrics


  • anti-roll headrest
  • headrest
  • arm retraction pads
  • pelvic cradle
  • pommel is available for additional control of the leg positioning
  • foot box, foot plates and foot sandals
  • quick release interface
  • knee adductors
  • lateral thigh guides available in two sizes
  • arm retraction pads
  • shoulder harness
  • dynamic butterfly harness
  • single pull pelvic belt
  • dual pull pelvic belt
  • pelvic stabiliser with single pull metal buckle
  • pelvic stabiliser with dual pull plastic buckle

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Product dimensions

Seat depth25-38; 29-43; 36-49cm
Seat width16-33; 19-38; 23-44cm
Back height42-55; 48-62; 52-70cm
Weight12; 13; 16kg

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Head office
11 & 30 Atlas Way
Atlas North
South Yorkshire
S4 7QQ

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26 January 2018

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Checked by DLF on 26 January 2018

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Manufacturer's contact

11 & 30 Atlas Way
Atlas North
South Yorkshire
S4 7QQ
0114 263 7900

Manufacturer's product description

The Nimbus seat combines safety, quality and flexibility with a wide range of accessories and colour options so it can easily be tailored to meet clinical requirements. The Nimbus seat is modular in design allowing quick and easy configuration and interfaces to a wide selection of indoor and outdoor mobility bases.

We believe in seeing the patient, not the seat. Nimbus achieves this with a minimal design providing safety and support in all the right places without dominating.

Pelvic Control

Optimal alignment and stabilisation of the pelvis is achieved with adjustable pelvic support, allowing for pelvic tilt. For those requiring additional control, the unique pelvic cradle moulds around the pelvis to support laterally and posteriorly. Distributing the corrective forces over a greater surface area ensures a more comfortable fit.

Seat for life

Nimbus uniquely features a single chassis across all three seat sizes to fully adapt as the user grows or their postural needs change. The support structures are fully adjustable to meet clinical needs. With unique level of adjustment, Nimbus has a long life cycle and offers greater value for money.

Effective control

Nimbus is designed to control and correct only where it’s needed. This provides a good sitting position and stability to improve control and prevent postural deformities whilst being comfortable. Our clinical trials found the improved position helps with trunk elongation, breathing, vocalising, motor skills, eating and drinking, interaction and comfort.

Seat in a day

Nimbus can be configured quickly and easily to exacting specifications to allow it to be supplied at specialist clinics. Nimbus can also be supplied through self-assessment prescription forms or by individual assessment by our experienced seating clinicians.