Stoma wear

Stoma wear

Listed in this section is a range of underwear and swimwear designed for people who have a stoma.

These garments may have features such as extra support, a higher waistline, or an inner pouch to keep the bag away from your skin and retain leaks.

The Colostomy Association also has details of specialist suppliers of stoma wear.

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  • Waterproof Ostomy Cover

    Waterproof Ostomy Cover

    DryPro From £48 Add to Compare Read More... 0120908|Waterproof Ostomy Cover|https://images.dlf.org.uk/mee/products/med/0120908-0113215-41349.jpg
  • Stoma And Incontinence Swimwear

    Stoma And Incontinence Swimwear

    From £24  (Inc. VAT) Add to Compare Read More... 0046880|Stoma And Incontinence Swimwear|https://images.dlf.org.uk/mee/products/med/0046880-0046887-31582.jpg
  • Range Of Stoma Underwear

    Range Of Stoma Underwear

    From £6  (Inc. VAT) Add to Compare Read More... 0032616|Range Of Stoma Underwear|https://images.dlf.org.uk/mee/products/med/