Button hooks, zip pullers and zip extenders

Button hooks, zip pullers and zip extenders

In this section you will find information on products designed to help do up buttons and zips. Buttons and zips can be difficult if you have reduced movement or strength in your hands, or have use of only one hand.

A button hook usually consists of a thick handle and a wire loop. The wire loop is pushed through the button hole and looped over the button, then pulled back through the button hole to fasten. Button hooks can be difficult to use at first and need practice to use effectively, especially with one hand. It may help if the edges of the garment can be held steady, and if the buttonhole is on your relatively more able side. As an alternative, you may wish to consider adapting some of your clothing with different fastenings to make it quicker and easier to fasten.

A zip pull is a clip-on ring or piece of cord with a hook at one end and a tab at the other to assist with fastening zips. These can be useful if you have difficulty gripping a standard zip tag, or difficulty reaching a zip.

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