Footwear adaptations and repairs

Footwear adaptations and repairs

In this section you will find information on suppliers who are able to adapt or repair existing footwear. Adaptations are usually prescribed by a podiatrist or orthotist to provide control and support to your feet and legs (The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, 2009).

Common adaptations to footwear include:

  • Shoe raises
  • Calliper sockets
  • Change of fastening (Disabled Living Foundation, 2008)

Shoes that need adapting should be of a reasonable quality and solid construction. For some adaptations the shoe will need to be taken apart and then rejoined, therefore an inappropriate shoe may not be able to withstand this (The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, 2009), (Disabled Living Foundation, 2008). If you are unsure whether your footwear is suitable, seek advice from your podiatrist or orthotist, or check with the supplier making the adaptation.

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