Coil Illuminated Stand Magnifier With Led Raylite

Manufactured by Coil UK (Wipac Ltd)
Priced from £27  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Range of illuminated stand magnifiers for placing directly onto reading material.

Product models

There are 15 models of this product available. Suppliers may not supply them all:

  • Duo Handles 2.8x 9400
  • 3.9x 9259
  • 4.7x 9269
  • 5.4x 9279
  • 7.1x 9289
  • 8.7x 9299
  • 10.1x 9309
  • 12x 9319
  • 14.7x 9329
  • Head Only 5.4x 7279
  • 8.7x 7299
  • 10.1x 7309
  • 12x 7319
  • 14.7x 7329
  • Handle Only 7260


  • round aspheric acrylic lens
  • LED lighting, on/off switch, batteries fit into handle


  • choice of eight magnifications (with different lens diameters)
  • heads and handles available separately from some suppliers

Product dimensions


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Manufacturer's contact

Coil UK (Wipac Ltd)
London Road
MK18 1BH
01280 825942