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In our library you can find equipment which can help you if you have low vision, memory difficulties, if you would like to be able to contact someone you live with for help, or if you would just prefer some simplified equipment.
To provide reassurance that a piece of equipment will work for your individual needs you can borrow an item from our library for two weeks to see how you get on with it before investing in it - or perhaps realising it's not worth buying at all.

Equipment can be expensive and may require some trial and error before you find out if it works for you given your personal circumstances and home environment. DLF is well known for its impartiality, and our aim is that people end up with equipment that is worth them buying.

Borrow a piece of equipment for two weeks - see if it works for you - and when the two weeks are up, simply send it back to DLF. The only costs to you are the postage to return it to us, and a refundable deposit.

Please note that the library is only available to people living in England.