Rules, levels, tape measures and protractors

Rules, levels, tape measures and protractors

This section lists rulers, protractors, tape measures and spirit levels with audible, tactile, visual features or larger than standard size suitable for blind people or people who are partially sighted.

These tape measures (with metric or imperial measurements) are either:

  • shorter flexible plastic with a range of tactile marks at regular intervals and print as standard. These are mainly used for crafts and dressmaking, or
  • talking metal retractable boxed measuring tapes with retained memory which have a much longer length for use in building work or larger craft activities.

The spirit levels are used to check if a surface is either horizontal or vertical. On the audible and LED light version, the high or low tones are heard only if the left or right side of the level are too high, with no tone if it is level, otherwise the red or green lights work in a similar manner to indicate if the surface is not level (Hersh and Johnson (eds), 2008).

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