Non-wheeled reciprocal frames

Non-wheeled reciprocal frames

The frames in this section are hinged so that the sides can be alternately placed forwards with each step. They will go through tighter spaces than standard frames.

Grid List
  • Walking Walker

    Walking Walker

    Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Ltd From £30  (Exc. VAT) Add to Compare Read More... 0108976|Walking Walker|https://images.dlf.org.uk/mee/products/med/0108976-0108808-22534.jpg
  • Reciprocal Walking Frame

    Reciprocal Walking Frame

    Performance Health From £61  (Exc. VAT) Add to Compare Read More... 0003705|Reciprocal Walking Frame|https://images.dlf.org.uk/mee/products/med/0003705-0108765-25707.jpg