Class 3 scooters & buggies

Class 3 powered scooters and buggies are intended primarily for outdoor use and uneven terrain (land/ground), and have a maximum speed of 8mph on most roads. They usually have two speed settings for pavement or road use, have lights as standard, and a flashing yellow beacon for use on dual carriageway roads where permitted.

Included in this section are three or four wheeled scooters and buggies. Some are heavy duty, have an interchangeable front section or have a fold down tiller to minimise the storage space required when not in use. Scooters and buggies look similar, the main difference being that scooters dismantle while buggies do not.

By law, Class 3 mobility scooters or buggies must be registered with the DVLA for road tax. This is free of charge. Class 3 users don't require a driving licence but should obey the Highway Code (i.e. have reasonable vision and not under the influence of alcohol, drugs etc).

Read our advice on maintenance and repairs for further information on keeping your scooter or buggy in good working order.