Orchid Medicare 3-in-1 Bathing Solution

Manufactured by Orchid Medicare

DLF's summary

Showering, toileting, and bathing cradle available in four sizes, all compatible with the same base.

Product models

There are 4 models of this product available. Suppliers may not supply them all:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XLarge


  • designed for showering, toileting, and bathing (bathing requires separate part not included)
  • reclining seat
  • seat can detach from wheeled base transporter
  • tubular steel, stainless steel and aluminium construction
  • anti-bacterial coating
  • castors
  • re-chargeable battery
  • seat base can be hoisted


  • in-bath support is required if used for bathing (sold separately)
  • cradle is available in four sizes
  • padded side panels
  • adjustable foot rests
  • commode facility
  • hoist straps
  • neck roll
  • side support rolls
  • delta head rest
  • aperture available on all sizes
  • body harness

Product dimensions

HeightSmall: 270cm
Medium: 335cm
Large: 420cm
XLarge: 420cm
LengthSmall: 105cm
Medium: 124cm
Large: 134cm
XLarge: 134cm

Where can I buy this product?

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Supplier details

Head office
Copenhagen Road
Sutton Fields Industrial Estate
Kingston Upon Hull
East Yorkshire

Supplier details last checked:
04 August 2020

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Orchid Medicare 's name for this product is Orchid Medicare 3-in-1 Bathing Solution Their code/s for this product and any variants are:
  • - Small
  • - Medium
  • - Large
  • - XLarge
Checked by DLF on 04 August 2020

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Manufacturer's contact

Orchid Medicare
Copenhagen Road
Sutton Fields Industrial Estate
Kingston Upon Hull
East Yorkshire
01482 820333

Manufacturer's product description

Designed to assist clients and carers in their daily routines. The detachable in bath cradle can be used on its own in the bath (with the in-bath support - see accessories) or together with the base transporter it can also be used for showering and toileting. If used solely for in-Bath use (without the base transporter) it is advisable to use a hoist, either a ceiling track or a static type (floor fixed at the side of the bath) this will reduce the risk of a back injury to the carer whilst raising and lowering the user. When placed onto a Base Transporter, the system can be used to move the user from bedroom to bathroom to toilet if the need arises. The cradle is available in 4 sizes, which all fit the universal Base Transporter, therefore should the user require a larger cradle at a later date you will only need to replace the cradle, and not have to purchase a complete new system.