Magiplug Plug

Manufactured by Sensorium Ltd
Priced from £6  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Pressure activated plug that automatically empties excess water if water level reaches capacity. Prevents baths or sinks from overflowing.


  • material which changes colour when water is hot

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Manufacturer's contact

Sensorium Ltd
Sensorium House
9 Nethertown Broad Street
KY12 7DS
01383 720600

Manufacturer's product description

A unique device that reduces the risk of scalding and flooding. Magiplug's ingenious pressure release mechanism allows a bath or sink to be filled to a specific level and then, if left unattended, releases excess water to prevent overflow. Prevents the damage and expense caused by flooding your bathroom. The heat sensitive pad on the plug changes colour when the water temperature reaches 36 Degrees Celsius to alert the user that the water may be too hot, reducing the risk of scalding. Magiplug is a useful addition to any home and is especially useful for anyone who is liable to forget to turn off the taps. Attaches easily to your existing plug chain.