Safespace Room And Sleep System

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DLF's summary

Safespace room and sleep system. Custom-made soft room for adults or children. Designed to provide a safe area where the user cannot hurt themselves on hard surfaces. Can be used as a bedroom, resting room, play room, ball pool, or sensory room. Allows for use of existing fixtures and fittings, for example plug sockets, while maintaining them out of the reach of the occupant of the Safespace.


  • fully enclosed steel frame
  • window and door aligned with those in the room within which it is situated
  • integrated 75mm foam floor
  • PVC walls and floor surface
  • padded corners
  • walls flex out on impact and should be placed 25cm away from hard surfaces
  • can be adapted for use as a low stimulation environment or for sensory use


  • viewing panels
  • roll up wall
  • internal white wall for use as projection screen for sensory display
  • tube holes for use of medical equipment etc
  • colour choice


  • water resistant floor and wall seams
  • range of mattresses, mats and padded wall panels
  • removable window blinds to create low stimulation environment or adapt for sensory use
  • soft play shapes and soft furniture
  • projector and fibre optics kits
  • visual deterrent panels that conceal the gap between the Safespace and the wall

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