Hannah Care Cot

Manufactured by Theraposture Ltd
Priced from £3,315  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Wooden cot for children or older users who are very active. Can be made-to-measure.


  • divan style base
  • high cot sides with wooden rails and Perspex panels in natural or coloured finishes
  • two bi-fold doors at front which cannot be opened from the inside
  • powered, profiling adjustable height sleeping platform and foam mattress


  • castors
  • large castors
  • pedestals
  • padding
  • infrared manual switch
  • foot switch
  • range of adjustable sleeping platforms including static wooden base
  • cot sides with coloured rails and/or Perspex panels available in four heights
  • foam or pressure relief mattresses


  • incontinence cover
  • top cover
  • external security door locking system
  • mattress securing device and bottom cupboards

Product dimensions

Length185; 215cm
Width100; 110cm
Mattress platform height110; 139; 174; 210cm

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Manufacturer's contact

Theraposture Ltd
Kingdom Avenue
Northacre Industrial Park
BA13 4WE
0800 834654

Manufacturer's product description

Hannah Care Cot from Theraposture

The large Hannah care cot range provides ample safe space for an active child. It is an extremely stable and durable cot that has been specifically designed as a care environment for challenging children. To protect them against physical harm, for example as a result of leaving the bed in an uncontrolled way, it is possible to have the specialist Hannah cot built with high lattice frames. The

Hannah is available with lattice heights of 70, 98, 135 and 170 cm and the long side of the standard bed is always fitted with four doors, although eight doors are an option. The Hannah is suitable for Theraposture's fixed or removable padding and soft double glazed windows allow good visibility without compromising safety. The Hannah's electrically operated height adjustability from 55 to 95 cm (from floor level to top edge of mattress), permits the comfortable transfer of a child into bed whilst providing a safe working height for carers and parents.

The Hannah cot from Theraposture provides:
- A choice of four door heights: 70, 98, 135 and 170 cm
- Three bed sizes: 90x170 cm, 90x200 cm and 100x200 cm (Hannah 170 only 90x200 cm and 100x200 cm)
- Special door locking prevents opening from the inside
- Wide variety of fixed, variable height, flat or profiling sleeping platforms
- Can also be used as a play area during the day due to large 100x200cm internal dimensions
- Sweat and saliva resistant wood treatment in accordance with DIN 71-3 (Children's Toys Safety Act)
- Patient weight capacity of up to 150 kg
- Practical and safe accessories are available eg. completely/partially padded interior or complete/partial plexiglass cover for round rods
- Stable construction delivering market-leading sturdiness, safety and durability
- Custom-made units are possible to meet specific users requirements

The Theraposture 14 day Suitability Guarantee is provided with the purpose of giving 100% confidence to all prospective owners and clients so they are assured of the perfect solution every time. By working with Theraposture a free of charge home assessment service is included with a product demonstration. This is a vital part of our process in determining the best solution for the intended user. Our highly experienced Trusted Assessors working with a Healthcare Professional will help to identify and understand the needs, wants and risks for each user. This process results in an assessment report that determines the correct prescription and provides a useful record and justification for the recommended cot bed.

An informative case study regarding the Lothian family, that demonstrates the benefits of specifying a Theraposture Care Cot, can be accessed here.

For a full practical assessment, or further details regarding Care Cots and other market-leading assistive solution from Theraposture, visit: www.theraposture.co.uk