Ludlow Carers Hi Low Bed

Manufactured by Laybrook Ltd
Priced from £1,594  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Variable posture bed which can be raised flat to aid carers or to help the user stand out of the bed.

Product models

There are 3 models of this product available. Suppliers may not supply them all:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Dual


  • five-part adjustable profiling with integral raise and lower facility
  • four motors, two for profiling and two for lift
  • vertical rise of up to 18 inches from starting point


  • lifting frame can be ordered with any of the manufacturer's adjustable bed surrounds at time of purchase
  • lower starting height of 20 inches
  • range of mattresses

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Product dimensions

Variable Posture
Number of platform sections5
Width76 min; 183 maxcm
Mattress platform height23-41cm
Pressure relief mattressOption
Drop down side railsOption

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Manufacturer's contact

Laybrook Ltd
Units 4 & 5 Arena 14
Bicester Distribution Park
Charbridge Way
OX26 4SS
01869 255400

Manufacturer's product description

4ft Carers Bed 4ft Height Adjustable Bed for up to 25 stone, this mechanism can be inserted into any of our bed styles. The new 4ft vertical lifting mechanism is an ideal Carers bed for someone looking for extra space to turn in. The 4ft Carers bed has separate motors to profile the bed at the head-end or the foot-end and again separate motors to vertically raise the bed up to 18 inches from the starting position. Our new Carers bed can be raised flat for the carers to wash or turn you, or it can be used to help you stand out of the bed like a riser recliner when sat on the edge (in the middle section) or it can be raised whilst adjusted at the head and foot-end to get a comfortable view to look out of the window. This frame can be put into any of our adjustable bed surrounds, so choose the bed you like (from the home page) and add the cost of this frame. Description
- 5 part adjustable profiling with integral raise and lower facility
- 4 motors (2 for profiling and 2 for lift)
- Vertical rise up to 18 inches from starting point
- Twin On-Line fittings
- Weight adjuster zone
- Centre belt
- Load bearing points bolted and sleeved