Alber Viamobile V25 Push And Brake Aid

Manufactured by Invacare Ltd
Priced from £1,885  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Add-on unit to provide powered assistance to a wheelchair, on the level or uphill an electric motor assists the push, downhill a preset speed is maintained. Fits most standard manual wheelchair models with a seat width of 36 cm or more. A bracket is attached to the wheelchair frame into which the unit is inserted, or removed from if the wheelchair requires folding/lifting. Once the brackets have been attached no tools are required to remove or re-fit the unit from the brackets.


  • motorised wheel mounted between the rear wheels of a wheelchair
  • control attaches to the left or right push handle of the wheelchair with add on grip attaching to the other push handle
  • control has on/off switch, when the unit is turned on, the drive wheel is lowered automatically
  • preselected speed control
  • battery indicator showing time left
  • driving lever, when the driving lever is pressed, the unit assists the wheelchair, when it is released, it provides a braking action
  • automatic battery charger, five hours for full charge, battery is removed from drive unit for recharging

Product dimensions

Power and Function
Weight of heaviest component10kg
Maximum gradient10degrees
Maximum speed1-5.5km/h

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Head office
12 Henry Wells Square
Grovehill Hemel Hempstead

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04 December 2019

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Better Mobility Ltd 's name for this product is Alber Viamobile V25 Push And Brake Aid Their product code is: VIAMOBILEV25
From £1,885
Exc. VAT

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Manufacturer's contact

Invacare Ltd
Unit 4, Pencoed Technology Park
CF35 5AQ
01656 776222

Manufacturer's product description

Alber viamobil V25 push and brake aid is the replacement for the V15 model. But now offers Lithium batteries for lighness but still gives a range of 20km. This is a compact powerpack that can be fitted to a wide range of chair and is ideal for compdrt wheelchair. Max user weight 160kg.