Solaticare Apollo Care Bed

Manufactured by Novamed (Europe) Ltd
Priced from £4,777  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Profiling bed with mattress system designed for incontinent or immobile users, compatible for bariatric users, and available in different sizes.


  • suction device within cut-out in center of mattress designed to automatically detect when user needs to urinate or defecate
  • bodily waste is flushed into a hermetically sealed extraction unit next to the bed
  • system automatically cleans user with water and then dries them
  • seven different water temperature options
  • five different air temperature options
  • automatic deodorizer
  • shower hose designed for showering user in bed
  • removable headboard and footboard
  • aluminium side rails
  • CPR facility
  • linen holder
  • central locking castors
  • patient handset
  • carer handset
  • backup battery


  • headboard and footboard available in in a range of colours

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Product dimensions

Mattress platform height46-84cm
Length200; 216cm
Width85; 103cm

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Head office
Unit 4, Coopers Place
Combe Lane
Wormley Godalming

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23 October 2019

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From £4,777 - £5272
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Manufacturer's contact

Novamed (Europe) Ltd
Unit 4, Coopers Place
Combe Lane
01428 681068

Manufacturer's product description

Solaticare an exciting new solution for those who are unable to access toileting facilities independently, once in bed.

It promotes dignity by allowing the user an independent solution to the need to eliminate, although a carer may also assist in the process.

To use the hospital bed model, the user needs to be lying supine, without pants, sheets may remain in situ. Using the remote control, the process is initiated with the press of one button. The mattress infill moves down and away, the Solaticare suction head then rises through the mattress to its working position, in very close contact with the body. As elimination starts sensors within the suction head will automatically remove the waste into a hermetically sealed unit located at the bedside. Once this has finished, rinsing with warm water follows, and the process finishes with warm air to dry the skin. Then the suction head returns to its original location, and the mattress infill returns to give a comfortable feel to the bed.

An extraction unit located by the bed stores clean water and waste, emptying/refilling is needed, usually just once a day, it includes an in-built catalytic deodorizer to neutralize any unpleasant odours. The process can also be controlled from the panel on the unit. There is the option to customise water and air temperatures and the pause after defecation, before extraction starts. There is also a voice prompt option, which both describes the functions and alerts the carer for example, when the water tanks need attention.

Optional shower hoses can improve the experience of washing while in bed.

Overall Dimensions of the Hospital Bed: 108 x 216 cm
Safe Working Load: 250Kg

Main Features
Automatic/Manual Mode
Catalytic deodoriser to neutralise odours
Variable water and air temperature settings
Easy use remote control unit
Clear function progress display
Automatic detection and flushing of waste, warm water rinsing and warm air drying
Clear and simple voice prompts
Anti-decubitus mattress
Optional shower hose system
Increased personal independence, comfort, dignity and privacy
Can give a more speedy response to an urgent need for elimination
Easy installation, operation and maintenance
Reduced laundry and paper costs
Can reduce time consuming and expensive linen changes
Time saving for carers, allowing other activities to be prioritised
Solaticare is suitable for
Own homes
Care homes

The result is a significant improvement in the quality of life and standard of care for users of any age. It can greatly reduce the amount of time and effort spent on one of the less agreeable aspects of daily living; for both users and attendants; it can save time and cost.

Please visit our website for more information, or call us on 01428 685516 to discuss a demonstration and pricing options.