Stiltz Trio Homelift Range

Manufactured by Stiltz Homelifts

DLF's summary

Wheelchair lift.

Product models

There are 4 models of this product available. Suppliers may not supply them all:

  • Classic
  • Vista
  • Thru-Car
  • Trio+


  • fits a standard-sized wheelchair, may be useful for users with walking frames
  • space for an additional person, luggage or other larger items
  • plugs into 13-amp power socket
  • self-supporting structure, does not require a load bearing wall
  • remote controls
  • internal LED downlights
  • battery backup system
  • full height light curtain


  • fold down seat
  • interior grab rail
  • range of colours and finishes
  • interlocked full height door
  • interior telephone
  • alternative model types available
  • one has solid walls and a clear body, the other allows users to enter and exit on both sides of the lift

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Product dimensions

Capacity220; 250kg
Internal width73cm

Where can I buy this product?

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Supplier details

Head office
Building 5, Bay 1
First Avenue
Pensnett Estate Kingswinford
West Midlands

Supplier details last checked:
20 February 2020

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Stiltz Homelifts 's name for this product is Stiltz Trio Homelift Range Their code/s for this product and any variants are:
  • - Classic
  • - Vista
  • - Thru-Car
  • - Trio+
POA Reconditioned homelifts occasionally available

Checked by DLF on 20 February 2020

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Manufacturer's contact

Stiltz Homelifts
Building 5, Bay 1
First Avenue
Pensnett Estate
West Midlands
0844 870 9087

Manufacturer's product description

The Stiltz Trio Home Lift is available in 3 variants, the original Classic, the clear-walled Vista and the innovative Thru-Car which enables users to enter and exit from either side of the lift. A Trio will carry up to three people from floor to floor in less than 30 seconds and can also accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair.

The lift is self-supporting and free-standing, it travels vertically along a pair of stilts and at no point does it fix into a wall. This make a Stiltz lift, compact and allows for very flexible positioning in the home as a lift shaft is not required.

The lift plugs directly into a mains socket and uses no more electricity that switching on the toaster or kettle. Safety is paramount and the lift has multiple sensors which detect obstructions, lift speed, lift balance, etc. In the event of the lift being in use during a power failure in the home, the lift will slowly return to the ground floor.

It includes many features as standard with additional options such as fold down seat, emergency telephone, battery back up pack and grab handles, available.