Eye pointer boards

Eye pointer boards

This section includes communication displays designed for access by 'eye gaze' (also known as eye pointing).

Your communication partner is positioned facing you on the other side of the board. They will be able to see where your eyes are focused as the board is either transparent or made with a square cut out in the centre.

At a basic level, you build up a message by gazing at the appropriate item (letter, word, symbol or picture) on the display. At a complex level, colour coding allows more items to be displayed.

Grid List
  • E-tran Frame

    E-tran Frame

    Clinical Engineering Consultants Ltd From £89  (Exc. VAT) Add to Compare Read More... 0012220|E-tran Frame|https://images.dlf.org.uk/mee/products/med/0012220-0000805-38367.jpg
  • Megabee Assisted Writing Tablet

    Megabee Assisted Writing Tablet

    E2L Products Ltd From £640  (Exc. VAT) Add to Compare Read More... 0106077|Megabee Assisted Writing Tablet|https://images.dlf.org.uk/mee/products/med/0106077-0105893-30628.jpg
  • Liberator E-tran Frame

    Liberator E-tran Frame

    From £50  (Exc. VAT) Add to Compare Read More... 0106162|Liberator E-tran Frame|https://images.dlf.org.uk/mee/products/med/0106162.jpg
  • Eye-com Board

    Eye-com Board

    From £55  (Exc. VAT) Add to Compare Read More... 0032424|Eye-com Board|https://images.dlf.org.uk/mee/products/med/0032424.jpg