Wedge fit bath seats

Wedge fit bath seats

These removable seats allow the user to sit in the bath and wash. The user requires good upper body strength and balance to step into the bath and use this product safely. They are available in a range of heights and materials depending on the needs of the user and the height of the bath. They can be used with bath boards, overbath showers and are often used with additional grab rails.

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  • Adjustable Bath Seat

    Adjustable Bath Seat

    Roma Medical Aids Ltd From £46  (Exc. VAT) Add to Compare Read More... 0001703|Adjustable Bath Seat|https://images.dlf.org.uk/mee/products/med/0001703.jpg
  • Rentwood Bath Seat

    Rentwood Bath Seat

    SmitCare From £1  (Inc. VAT) Add to Compare Read More... 0001745|Rentwood Bath Seat|https://images.dlf.org.uk/mee/products/med/0001745-0105138-23802.jpg