Manual vs electric operation of bed

Manual vs electric operation of bed

Variable posture (adjustable or profiling) beds can be operated either manually or electrically.

Manually operated beds usually have a hydraulic mechanism that raises and lowers the bed. The control is often a foot pump at the side of the bed or a winding handle. Both the pumping and winding action are hard work for the carer and the user can have quite a jerky ride. It cannot be operated by the user. If the bed is positioned against the wall, ensure that the pedal or handle is on the accessible side.

Most electric beds can be controlled by the user. This means you can select the most suitable height for getting in and out of the bed. They are usually controlled with a handset, which may either have two separate switches, or a rocker switch. Other controls are possible, such as remote control or voice operation. Although powered by a motor, most are quiet or almost silent.

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