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View all bedroom help & advice These pages provide advice and suggestions relating to sleeping, beds and bed accessories. Click on the links to read the relevant advice or read general advice on how to use this site.

Understanding sleep
Tips for a better night's sleep

Where to position the bed in a room
Getting on and off a bed
Manual vs electrically operated beds
Variable posture beds

Information on pressure ulcers

Safety advice on cot-sides
Ethics relating to wandering alarms

Assessment by an occupational therapist

Sample case studies
Case studies of bedroom equipment in use

Glossary and links
Bedroom glossary
Useful links

If you would like similar advice regarding sleeping, getting into and out of bed, managing incontinence and other bed related products then you could try the bedroom section of AskSARA. AskSARA is the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)'s free online self assessment tool. AskSARA will ask you questions about yourself and your environment (in this instance your bedroom) and then offer relevant advice, product suggestions and supplier details.

AskSARA's bedroom section.

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