Self propelled shower chairs

Self propelled shower chairs

Mobile shower chairs are made from non-corrodible materials so that it does not matter if they get wet. They enable people to push themselves, or be pushed, into a shower cubicle or area - avoiding the need to transfer onto a wheelchair and from there onto a shower stool or fixed seat. Some of the models are multi-purpose and can be pushed over a toilet and/or used as a commode. This can also reduce the number of transfers needed.

Before purchasing a mobile shower chair, consider the following:

Size and weight distribution of the user. This would include the width of the seat required, the length of peoples arms and torso and the length/weight of the lower limbs. All of these factors may influence the choice of chair as they can affect the centre of gravity and therefore the stability of the chair. They can also affect a users independence and safety, particularly if someone has an amputation.

Person's sitting balance. If a person is unable to sit unsupported on the side of a bed and/or has a tendency to slide they may require a tilt-in space shower chair.

Size of the wheels. The larger the wheels, the easier the chair is to push independently (due to decreased rolling resistance). Alternatively for use by a carer where the floor surface is difficult to push across, e.g. thick carpet, a self propelled shower chair can be a good solution.

Type of tyres or material of the wheels. This will also affect the rolling resistance of the chair.

Space available to manoeuvre the chair. This includes both the circulation space outside the shower area and within the shower. Swivel front castors will make turning easier.

Floor surfaces. Smooth surfaced floors are easier to push over than carpet.

Armrests. Armrests that swing-away are easier to transfer onto than those with fixed armrests.

Footrests. Footrests that fold up and/or swing away will also make transfers easier.

Type of brakes. Check that the brakes are accessible to independent users.

Storage. Chairs with a folding frame can be useful for storing and for taking on holiday etc.

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