Mobile shower trolleys

Mobile shower trolleys

Mobile shower trolleys allow a person to be semi reclined or reclined in while being showered by a carer or carers. Some of the items are called shower cradles. These pieces of equipment are for assisted showering and changing and can be used with ceiling track hoists and manual hoists. They are available in 2 main types:

A mobile shower cradle has mesh fabric stretched over a frame that allows the person to be showered in a semi or fully reclined position. Shower cradles are shaped so that the user is in a more upright position with knees and hips flexed. This will not only help to inhibit extensor spasm and provide a more stable position, but it will also reduce the overall length of the cradle so that it can be used in some shower cubicles. The individual will usually need to be lifted/hoisted into the cradle.

There are a variety of options available providing more adjustment for hair washing and supportive seating. The overall length and width of cradle means it is used more in domestic situations. They have lockable castors.

See also chairs some of which ate tilt in space. A few of these models are powered or manual/ gas functioning.

A shower trolley can be multifunctional as a shower and changing table. They are either foot-operated or have powered height adjustment and have braked castors. Side rails, back supports and a drain hose are usually an option.

Due to their size, they are used less frequently in a domestic setting but if there are, this is generally with a wet room configuration rather than a shower cubicle. Carers assist with showering and changing usually in combination with an overhead hoist or manual hoist. Depending on the design of the trolley it can be possible for someone to transfer sideways onto the adjustable height trolley from a bed or wheelchair.

Some of the models have twin opening sides which increases the area for changing. They can also be wall-mounted or static and have a range of removable supports fitted within the trolleys.

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