Fixed shower enclosures and screens

Fixed shower enclosures and screens

Fixed shower enclosures and screens comprise of panels and may be half-height if carers are assisting a seated person. It is best if they are used with a designated shower tray as this will ensure best fit and reduce water leakage. The half height shower screens are usually used with a shower curtain. Alternatively, shower screens/enclosures can be used to enclose a wet room area with rise and fall hinges to clear the floor; or, a fixed shower screen can be used with a bath and over-bath shower. Ensure however, that it does not restrict access to the bath, or limit the type of equipment that could be used.

There are a wide range of configurations available. For example: one wall-fixed panel; twin bi-folding doors; 5 panelled screens; and made to measure enclosures. They can be left or right-handed or non-handed. This choice provides flexibility to ensure maximum access to the shower tray (this can be particularly relevant if the shower is in a corner). The choice made may also depend on the overall space in the bathroom for other personal care activities and positioning of the doors when the shower is not in use. This is particularly important if the space is restricted to avoid any unnecessary obstructions.

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