Considerations before purchasing an alternative bath

Considerations before purchasing an alternative bath

When planning to replace a bath consider:

Space available. Do you or carers require access to both sides of the bath? Is hoist access required?

Water pipes and drainage. Will pipes need to be extended to taps or the waste? This may increase the cost of the work.

The level of disruption in terms of both noise and mess whilst work is in progress, and the amount of time the bathroom will be out of action.

The volume of water required to fill the new bath compared to the capacity of the current bath. Does the hot water tank have sufficient capacity? Can the floor joists support the weight of the bath when filled?

The maximum depth of water. If you are using a bath chair you may require more water to reach/come closer to the top of the seat.1

Room temperature. You may need the bathroom to be warmer if you choose a bath that must be filled after you enter through a built in door.1

Is other bathing equipment compatible with the bath? e.g can bath boards and seats be used with it? See Is my bath suitable for equipment?

Aftercare of the equipment, particularly servicing and maintenance if the bath has moving parts.

The long term prospects of the bather as if his/her ability is likely to deteriorate, a level access shower might be a better option.

Other household members - consider their needs, including visiting children.

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