Case studies

Case studies

This page lists a number of possible concerns such as difficulties with bed transfers and concerns about falling out of bed. For each concern you can click on links to case studies detailing the experiences of individuals who shared these concerns. These case studies are based on the clinical experiences of our occupational therapists and not on particular individuals.


Unable to lift your legs onto your bed?
Read how Roger was helped with a powered leg lifter.

Difficulty standing up from your bed?
Read how bed raisers assisted Roger.


Is someone you care for at risk of falling out of bed?
Read safety advice on bed safety rails, or how Sally's risk was addressed with alternative equipment solutions.


Sharing a bed with someone who has different needs from yours?
Read how Mr and Mrs Harris addressed this issue through purchasing a combination bed.

Having difficulty sitting up in bed?
Read how Belinda was helped with a pillow lift.

Pressure care

At risk of skin breakdown (developing pressure ulcers) in bed?
Read how a pressure reducing mattress lessened this risk for Mr Harris or view general advice on pressure ulcers.

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