How to use the site

There is a lot of information available on Living made easy. The information is split into several areas and can be reached in several ways as explained below.


Advice on a range of topics such as where to position a bed in a room, tips on stair rails and advice relating to bath transfers is available from our advice pages. This information can be accessed via the headings 'bathing advice', 'children advice', 'telecare advice', etc on the left hand side of the various Living made easy categories. Many of the help and advice pages link directly to relevant equipment listings and external sites.

Product information

This can be found via several methods.

In the product information sections of the website. A range of equipment and related products are listed on this website. Products are arranged in groups according to their function and how they might be used. For example, powered leg lifters can be reached by selecting the following groups: Getting into and out of bed > Leg lifting devices > Powered leg lifters. The breadcrumb navigation trail shows you where you are within these groups and also provides links back to groups you have passed through. Related product groups are listed on the left hand side of each Living made easy section (see screen shot above). We have listed many of the products on this website in several places to make it easier and quicker for you to find them.

Via advice pages. The advice pages give help and advice on various topics such as understanding sleep and information on stairlift functions. Many of the advice pages link to relevant products.

Via case studies. Each case study links to relevant related products. The case studies can be accessed on the left-side menu of each made easy section (see screenshot above).

Using the search box. Enter a word, or several words in the search box in the top of the screen and press 'return' / 'enter' on your keyboard or click on the search button on the screen to view the result of your search (see screen shot above).

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