Leaving the gas on un-ignited

Leaving the gas on un-ignited

Leaking gas is dangerous, ultimately, leaking gas can build up to dangerous levels which can result in explosions. Gas leaks can result from mistakes such as forgetting to light a gas ring or gas fire and natural causes like a pilot light blowing out. The danger of forgetting to light a gas ring or gas fire is greater if you are experiencing difficulty with your memory.

Telecare gas detectors detect the leakage of gas, such as from a left on hob, leaking pipe or unlit gas fire. They immediately alert you and your call centre to this danger.

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If your telecare gas detector alarm goes off your help centre will give you advice and contact any necessary services. General advice for reacting to a gas detector alarm going off is to turn off your gas supply at once. Immediately allow fresh air into the premises by opening doors and windows and move outside. Don't create a flame or operate electrical switches. Do not re-enter your home until it has been aired out and the problem corrected. If you are not sure that the leak was caused by accidently leaving a gas ring or heater on unignited then you should call the emergency number 0800 111 999 to report the leak. Calls to this number are free.

These gas detectors can be linked to gas shut off valves, if they detect gas they will automatically and immediately turn off the gas supply to either a specific appliance, such as the cooker or the whole property.

Gas shut off valves

These gas shut off valves must be fitted by a gas engineer on the gas safety register.

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Case study:


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