Concerned about fire risks

Concerned about fire risks

About 600 individuals die in house fires each year in the UK. The majority of deaths are in houses without a smoke alarm.

Telecare smoke alarms will automatically sound an alarm in your home and send an alarm call to your help centre if they detect smoke. This gives you early warning that you should leave your property and the reassurance that help is on its way.

If a telecare smoke alarm is not installed as part of your telecare system you should still have at least one working standard smoke alarm in your home which will sound an alarm if it detects smoke but these WILL NOT automatically alert your help centre.

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You may require two or more smoke alarms to protect different areas in your home. For example, if you have a two storey house one smoke alarm could be located at the bottom of the staircase and one on the upstairs landing. When a smoke alarm is fitted it should be installed at least 300mm away from any wall, light or heating/air conditioning outlet.

It is usually recommended not to install smoke alarms in a bathroom or kitchen as steam or smoke from cooking could trigger false alerts. Instead of a smoke alarm a temperature extremes detector or heat alarm is recommended for the kitchen as this will automatically raise an alarm if the temperature reaches a level that suggests a fire has started.

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