Children's bath chairs

Children's bath chairs

When considering a bath chair for children there are a number of factors to take into consideration:

  • The sizes on offer and whether the chair will fit into your bath.

  • The position of the support in the bath. Compromises may have to be made. The lower the support sits in the bath, the less water will be needed to surround your child for washing and playing, but parents/carers will have to stoop further down to provide assistance.

  • The method of transfers. Whilst a bath chair will free your hands from supporting your child and reduce the amount of stooping required to provide assistance, the issue of lifting your child in and out needs to be addressed. For example, you may use a ceiling track hoist.

  • The material of the support. An open mesh will allow the water to circulate around your child and is more pliable than a close weave plastic mesh.

  • The material of the frame. A plastic frame, which is lighter than metal, will make the support easier to lift in and out of the bath.

  • Angle adjustment of the backrests offers a choice between a more upright or reclined position. A larger angle of recline can make hair washing easier. A more upright position can make it easier for children to play with bath toys or may prevent extensor spasm.

  • Detachable mesh at the head end can assist with hair washing.

  • Storage and transportation. The chair will need to be stored somewhere where water can drain so that the mesh can dry, and where it will not impede other family members from taking a bath. Models that fold up or flatten out can make storage and transportation easier.

To view the list of children's bath chairs we have listed on Living made easy for children, click on the link below:

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