Moulded / made-to-measure seating for children

Moulded / made-to-measure seating for children

Moulded and made-to-measure seating tends to be for children who are unable to attain a stable, comfortable position in off-the-shelf, adjustable seating. Some systems are made up of interlinking components (modular seating) that can be re-shaped when necessary; others are permanently moulded into a particular shape. See the range of moulded and made-to-measure seating we have listed in Living made easy for children.

Modular seating

Modular systems are made of lots of small interconnecting components that can be re-adjusted as the child grows or if his/her support needs changing. Some modular systems can only be adjusted by a company representative or therapist who has had special training. These systems are usually covered in stretch, padded towelling.

Permanently moulded seating

A permanently moulded seating system is a unique system moulded to match the contours of a particular child. The shell is then padded to increase comfort. A well-fitting mould will support the weight evenly and not cause pressure areas to develop. If the system is to be used as a static seat indoors as well as on a mobile base outdoors, care must be taken to try to accommodate indoor/outdoor and winter/summer clothing. Re-moulds are necessary as the child grows or needs alter so regular review is essential.

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