Children's incontinence and bed wetting

If you know a child who is experiencing bed wetting or other forms of incontinence, you may find the following information helpful.

Helpful incontinence & bed wetting organisations

Bladder and Bowel Foundation
Formerly Incontact and the Continence Foundation, the Bladder and Bowel Foundation is a UK charity providing information and support for people with bladder and bowel disorders, their carers, families and health care professionals. The services they provide include a confidential nurse helpline, a counsellor helpline, educational booklets, information and product factsheets, an online forum and a magazine three times a year.

Continence clinic search
You can search for your nearest continence clinic through a resource provided by the Bladder and Bowel Foundation. Continence clinics offer assessments, diagnosis and treatments plans for client's with continence issues. They may be staffed by specialist consultants, continence nurse advisers and continence physiotherapists.

ERIC (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence)
ERIC is a national children's health charity providing information, support and resources on childhood bed wetting, daytime wetting, soiling and constipation to children, young people, families and health professionals living or working with bladder and bowel problems. They run a confidential helpline, training seminars for health professionals and provide resources and products (e.g. bed wetting alarms, bedding protection and literature) through their online shop.

NHS Choices
NHS Choices have a document online titled 'Incontinence help'. This provides information on who can provide assistance with the issue of incontinence, and how to access this assistance.

PromoCon provides a national service, as part of Disabled Living Manchester, seeking to improve the life of all people with bladder or bowel problems by offering product information, advice and practical solutions to both professionals and the general public. They have a confidential helpline: 0161 607 8219 (Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm).

Incontinence & bed wetting products:

There are some products that may be of assistance if your child is experiencing bed wetting. Waterproof bedding can reduce damage to your child's mattress; bed wetting alarms can assist bladder control education or regulation; and a commode or potty next to the bed can help if your child has difficulty getting to the toilet in time during the night. Please click on the product images below to see a range of these products.

Waterproof bedding

Enuresis (bed wetting) alarms

Commodes & potty chairs

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