Chair case studies

This page lists a number of possible concerns such as getting in and out of a chair, using a riser recliner, choosing a footstool and arranging to get an assessment for a support and positioning type of chair. For each concern you can click on links to case studies detailing the experiences' of individuals who shared these concerns. These case studies are based on the clinical experiences of our occupational therapists and not on particular individuals.

High back chairs and chair raisers

Finding it hard to get in and out of a low chair or settee?
Read how Mr A, was helped by changing his technique for getting out of a chair in combination with using chair raisers or view advice on standing from a chair, raising a chair's height or assessment by a physiotherapist.

Riser-recliner chairs

Do you need to use a riser recliner safely with young children around?
Read how Mrs B was helped by a riser recliner with two motors and read about assessment by an Occupational therapist or equipment provision through local authorities and direct payments.

Would you like to try out a riser recliner before purchase? Are you concerned about how much room it will take up?
Read how Mrs E's concerns were resolved with a single motor riser recliner or view advice on backrest styles or legrests and footstools.

Support and positioning chairs

How can I provide a chair that will provide a safe, comfortable position for my son and make it easier for me to manage as a carer?
Read how Tony and his mum's concerns were resolved with a deep/multiple adjustable chair and view information on occupational therapists and equipment provision through local authorities and direct payments.

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