Overflowing or leaking water

Overflowing or leaking water

Overflowing or leaking water can make floor surfaces slippery and damage your property. Flood sensors can provide early warning of overflows and leaks that may grow to become a flood. If the sensor detects water it will trigger the control box to alert your help centre.

Flood sensors may be ideal if you've found yourself forgetting to turn your taps off, and worry that if this happens again your sink or bath could overflow. However, these sensors will also alert you of burst pipes and leaks. To view telecare flood detectors click on the picture below

These sensors are usually placed on a flat surface under the sink or in the bathroom, under the bath, or behind the toilet. Two or more sensors may be required, e.g. one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen.

The system could be configured to sound an alert in the home to give a few minutes to take action to stop the flow of water. Then if water is still detected it could automatically alert the call centre. Alternatively the system can be configured to immediately alert both you and your call centre.

To read a case study where telecare flood detectors were used click on the picture below:

Case study:


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