Information for users

1. What is Living made easy?

Living made easy is an impartial advice and information website about daily living equipment and other aspects of independent living. It has been developed by the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF), a national charity with 40 years' experience in providing independent advice about independent living for disabled adults and children, older people, their carers and families.

Living made easy's core value is impartiality. In this website we aim to provide comprehensive and independent information about all products on the UK market from all national suppliers, supported by expert advice created by our team of occupational therapists. We do not sell equipment ourselves but provide advice and information on equipment and suppliers in the UK.

Our advice and information is:

  • Impartial
  • Independent
  • Trustworthy

2. How do I use Living made easy?

Living made easy contains lots of useful information, including case studies, product details, supplier information, useful advice written by occupational therapists and more. Find out more about how to use Living made easy here.

3. What if I would like to speak to someone for advice?

You can call the DLF Helpline and speak to an advisor if you would like to talk to someone before you make a decision. They can send you information on suppliers in your area or copies of our Factsheets.

You can also speak to one of our occupational therapists if you have a complex enquiry.

The Helpline number is 0300 999 0004 and it is open from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. from Monday-Friday.

4. What if I would like to try a product out before I buy?

You can call the DLF Helpline who will be able to refer you to a local Demonstration Centre.

The Helpline number is 0300 999 0004 and it is open from 10am-4.30pm from Tuesday to Thursday.

You can also find out information about local Demonstration Centres from the Disabled Living Foundation's page on Equipment Demonstration Centres in the UK.

5. Can I buy products from this website?

You cannot buy products directly from the DLF, although we do provide contact details for national suppliers of the products you might be interested in.

Any product that can be supplied across the UK can be included in the website. If you are a supplier of products anywhere in the UK and you aren't listed submit your company details to our Data Services Team.

6. Why does the website only include certain types of product?

Currently Living made easy contains advice and information about bathing aids, equipment for use in the bedroom and on the stairs, chairs, children's equipment, household and kitchen gadgets, walking aids, eating and drinking equipment, toileting aids and telecare. Our plan is to develop Living made easy over the coming 12 months to include other areas such as communication aids, clothing and footwear, leisure and mobility equipment.

While we are developing the sites, if you need advice about other types of product that might be able to help you, please call our Helpline on 0300 999 0004 .

7. How can I support the DLF in developing Living made easy?

If you are an organisation (such as a charitable trust or a manufacturer or supplier), please contact our Marketing department to discuss ways in which you can help.

If you are an individual you can make a donation to help sustain the service in the future.

8. In Living made easy you refer to membership of Trade Associations such as the BHTA. What does this mean?

We record details of suppliers membership of Trade associations with a code of practice. Our ratings give greater weighting to Trade Associations with codes of practice which are approved by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) or governed by an audit scheme.

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) is the UK's oldest and largest healthcare association (founded in 1917). Its membership consists of some 350 companies (both large and small) from across the many non-pharmaceutical sectors of the healthcare industry. The products they make and supply are as varied as wheelchairs and scooters, stairlifts, seating and positioning products, patient support surfaces, rehabilitation products, stoma and continence products, aids and services for visually impaired people, and even prosthetics and orthotics.

The BHTA is closely involved with developing industry and product standards, maintaining and improving on product choice, quality and, above all, safety. Of particular note is the BHTA's Code of Practice, which sets out the standards its members must meet and the work alongside this to identify best practice, eliminate "cowboy" behaviour and to ensure that member businesses are ones that members of the public can trust to give good service.

The Telecare Services Association (TSA) is the representative body for the telecare industry in the UK. TSA aims to promote and support the telecare industry and highlight the benefits of telecare for consumers. The TSA has almost 300 members, primarily from Local Authorities, Registered Social Landlords and private sector suppliers. TSA members give support to the majority of the 1.5 million service users who benefit from telecare in the UK.

The Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA) is the trade association and advisory body for the lift and escalator industry. Its members have signed up to a code of practice which includes measures intended to ease consumer concerns and remove undesirable trade practices.

You can read more about the Trade Associations we recognise.

9. You say that you are impartial and independent yet you have advertising on your site? How does this work?

Certain ethical companies who support our aims have provided financial investment to develop and maintain Living made easy. These sponsors obtain certain benefits from being a sponsor, for example, access to our training courses and advertising within the website.

All sponsor adverts are clearly labelled with "Advertisement" or "Sponsorship" to distinguish them from our impartial advice. Adverts with moving or animated designs are not used.

Suppliers' sponsorship has no impact on the inclusion of products, how we rate their products, their position within any product listings or any other advantage over other suppliers.

Our sponsors are happy to support us in this way because they understand that it is our very impartiality that makes us of value to those who seek our advice.

Our staff: DLF staff work to agreed impartial procedures which govern how advice or products are added to our websites, and when the information is updated. Thus there is no scope for individual bias or preference in the updating or inclusion of product information.