Information for suppliers

1. How do I get my information into Living made easy?

Any product that falls into one of our product categories and can be supplied direct to the public and/or a public sector body anywhere across the UK can be included in the website. It is free to be included in the website. If you are a manufacturer or supplier who is already listed on our database and your product is not listed, please use our self service system to add your product details. If you are a supplier of products anywhere in the UK and you aren't listed submit your company details to our Data Services Team ».

2. Some of the information listed about my products or my organisation is incorrect. How do I get this changed?

Please contact our Data Services team for more information on how to correct your details. Please mention that the incorrect information is appearing in Living made easy and be specific what that incorrect information is.

You can also register to use our Self-Service System to update certain information e.g. price, availability, manufacturer's description.

3. Where can I find out about sponsorship opportunities in Living made easy?

You can read more about sponsorship opportunities in our sponsorship section. Please contact our Marketing department for more information on sponsorship opportunities.

4. I am a manufacturer. Your website lists certain suppliers as supplying my product but my company does not sell to them or no longer does business with them. What should I do?

DLF updates its information based on details provided by companies and does so in good faith. If you are the manufacturer of a product you have the right to request removal of any supplier listed as supplying the product(s) you manufacture. DLF reserves the right to investigate further any request by a company to remove supplier(s) attached to the product(s) in question. Only the manufacturer of the product in question can request removal of a supplier from the product, and any company found abusing this system (i.e. claiming to be the manufacturer when they are not) will be removed from our system permanently. To request removal of a supplier(s) from a product(s), the manufacturer must:

- Provide DLF with a list of products they would like the supplier(s) to be removed from and the name(s) of the suppliers they wish to be removed. This has to be a list of individual product names written exactly as they are in Living made easy

- Confirm that they are the manufacturer of the product (their company name will be added to the manufacturer field of the database, which will be viewable by users)

The above must be in the form of a letter or email to our Data Services team.

5. How can I improve my DLF ratings?

DLF rates products and suppliers based on the quality of the information we have about that product and whether suppliers are a member of a trade association with a code of practice or meet other standards. Our ratings give greater weighting to trade associations with codes of practice which are approved by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) or governed by an audit scheme which meets the requirements of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). The suppliers' provision of the name of the product's manufacturer and the suppliers' adherence to the ISO 9000 series of standards are also considered.

You can improve your product's ratings or your supplier ratings by providing full information about your product (for example, if you are a manufacturer you can use our Self-Service System to provide a price and your own description of the product) and by signing up to industry standards such as ISO 9000 or a code of practice that we recognise (see the list of trade associations we recognise) and then using our Self-Service System to notify us that you have done so.

6. You say that you are impartial and independent yet you have sponsorship on your site? How does this work?

Certain ethical companies who support our aims have provided financial investment to develop and maintain Living made easy. These sponsors obtain certain benefits from being a sponsor, for example, access to our training courses, a stand at our conference and sponsorship within the website.

All sponsor links are clearly labelled with "Sponsorship" to distinguish them from our impartial advice.

Suppliers' sponsorship has no impact on the inclusion of products, how we rate their products, their position within any product listings or any other advantage over other suppliers.

Our sponsors are happy to support us in this way because they understand that it is our very impartiality that makes us of value to those who seek our advice.

Our staff: DLF staff work to agreed impartial procedures which govern how advice or products are added to our websites, and when the information is updated. Thus there is no scope for individual bias or preference in the updating or inclusion of product information.

Read our Conflict of Interest statement.

7. How do I get a videoclip into your site?

You can use our Self-Service System to add links to product videoclips that you have uploaded to YouTube. Contact our Data Services team for details.

8. You talk about some suppliers meeting your standards and others not meeting your standards? What does this mean? I provide excellent customer service but according to you I don't meet your standards!

DLF lists all known suppliers of products in our website free of charge. However, to help guide consumers to good quality companies we provide more information on companies that can demonstrate they reach certain standards i.e. they have signed up to a code of practice. This does not necessarily mean that other companies do not offer good customer service, it just means that DLF has no objective way of judging this. Read more about our standards.

Working with national suppliers

For more information about Living Made Easy and how we work with national suppliers, download our PDF brochure below.