Multi-function commode and shower chairs

Multi-function commode and shower chairs

Multi-function commode and shower chairs can be used in the shower and also for toileting. This can be achieved either freestanding with a commode pan, or by wheeling over the toilet. This reduces the number of transfers that need to be made between the bed or wheelchair, toilet and shower.

Self-propelling (with large rear wheels) chairs allow children to push themselves.
Attendant (with four small castors) chairs are pushed by the parent or carer.

If you are considering one of these chairs, it is very important to bear in mind the following:

  • Enable children to retain their dignity and privacy. If clothing needs to be adjusted in another room in preparation for toileting, then a blanket or similar covering should be provided whilst children are in transit.
  • It can be difficult to access and wash the areas of the body supported by the backrest, seat, straps and side pads.
  • There needs to be plenty of room around the shower chair so that parents or carers can move around freely, move the chair and help your child - without getting soaked in the process! A handheld shower hose may assist with this.
  • Door widths, floor surfaces and thresholds should be checked to ensure they do not impede the smooth passage of the chair from room to room.
  • Is wheeled access around the toilet / bathroom possible?
  • The clearance over the toilet - the chair must fit easily over the toilet bowl, but too wide a gap means splashing may occur.
  • The height and position of the toilet cistern and the push handles of the chair: to ensure positioning of the chair is not impeded.
  • The size of the seat and aperture. The seat must be supportive, but must also allow for your child to clean him/herself (or to be assisted with clearing) after they have used the toilet.

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