Concerned about intruders breaking in

Concerned about intruders breaking in

Telecare systems can, with the necessary equipment, also work as a burglar alarm protecting your property when you go out or at night. Several different products are available including buttons to turn the burglar alarm function on and off, buttons to turn on burglar sensors in certain areas of your home at night and bell boxes that can be fitted to an outside wall to act as a deterant to would-be intruders, letting them know an alarm system is installed. Click on the picture below to view telecare equipment that can add burglar alarm functions to your system.

To read a case study where telecare burglar alarm features were used click on the picture below:

Case study:


Keep your doors and windows locked, including your back door, even when you're at home. Never leave a spare key in a convenient hiding place such as under the doormat as thieves know all the usual hiding places. Good outside lighting can deter burglars.

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