Alternative sources of funding for wheelchairs & buggies

Alternative sources of funding for wheelchairs & buggies

Eligibility criteria and funding restrictions of local NHS wheelchair services often means that children are not able to be provided with a wheelchair or buggy. Some alternatives to the wheelchair service include:

  • Children over three years with mobility problems may be eligible for the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA). This payment can be used under the Motability Scheme towards the cost of a powered wheelchair, or an adapted car/van to enable your child to be transported in their wheelchair, but will not cover the costs of both.
  • Whizz Kidz is a national charity that raises funds to buy mobility equipment for children, under the direction of the occupational or physiotherapist working with your child.

There are other national charities who also provide wheelchairs for children. Find out about them here. Remember that you will need to take the additional costs of repairs, replacement tyres and batteries into account when applying for charitable funding.

And don't forget, that even if you use charitable funding to purchase a wheelchair, it is still vital to involve your child's occupational therapist or physiotherapist in the choice of wheelchair. There will be individual factors that determine which wheelchair best suits your child's needs, and it is vital that your child's posture and position in the wheelchair is professionally assessed.

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