Wheelchair skills training

Wheelchair skills training

Children who receive a wheelchair from the NHS wheelchair service, will receive basic training in the safe use of the wheelchair. Further training is recommended though, to allow children to reach their full potential with wheelchair skills. This is currently provided free of charge by:

Go Kids Go! (formerly The Association of Wheelchair Children (AWC))
AWC's mission is to enable wheelchair-using children throughout the UK to reach their full potential. They provide practical wheelchair skills training, assessment and support to young wheelchair-users and their families. Currently their two teams of qualified therapists run over 100 training and assessment days all over the UK which is then backed up with ongoing advice, advocacy and support. AWC also provides training for professionals who may work with young wheelchair-users and they have begun a programme of awareness raising in schools and colleges.

Whizz Kidz
The Whizz Kidz wheelchair training programme has been designed to ensure that disabled children and young people get the most out of their wheelchairs. It's suitable for both manual and powered wheelchair users and teaches vital skills using a combination of games, sports, group activities, discussions and one to one support. All of their wheelchair training can be adapted to the specific needs of the different groups of disabled children they work with. Throughout the training Whizz Kidz focus on the following important skills: spatial awareness; route planning; road safety; sports activities and negotiating kerbs.

To find out more, contact the organisations directly:

Go Kids Go! (formerly The Association of Wheelchair Children)
Website: www.wheelchairchildren.org.uk
Telephone: 01482 887163

Whizz Kidz
Website: www.whizz-kidz.org.uk
Telephone: 020 7233 6110

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