Food preparation and chopping boards

Food preparation and chopping boards

Chopping boards

Chopping boards may have one or more of the following features:

  • Spikes (or studs) sticking up from the board which are used to secure food.
    - small spikes close together tend to be for use for potatoes and carrots
    - larger more spaced out spikes tend to be for larger food items such as a cabbage, bread or a joint of meat.
    Some spikes can be removed for washing.
  • A spread board, which is a right angled raised rim in one corner which can be used to keep a slice of bread in position while you spread butter, jam etc on it.
  • A food collector, this consists of angled raised rims to guide the contents of the food when you transferring the boards contents to a pan / bowl /container.
  • Colour contrast boards, and / or those with tactile markings may be useful if you have low vision (Scheiman, Scheiman and Whitaker, 2007), (RNIB, 2009).
  • A pivot mounted detachable knife to aid chopping.

Food preparation boards

Food preparation boards (sometimes called food workstations) may have a combination of the above features but also usually include a flat or contoured clamp system to stabilise food, bottles or tins. Some are large enough to hold kitchen equipment. (pictured below.)

Factors to consider before purchase:

  • Will the board be used on a regular or occasional basis? If it will be used regularly choose a robust board.
  • If you want the workstation to hold a specific item, for example a mixing bowl, ensure the clamp will open wide enough.
  • Consider the ease of assembling and cleaning the board, especially if you only have use of one hand or reduced hand dexterity (Fasoli, 2008) for example:
    - can you release the suction feet on the base to wash up the board?
    - can you fit the removable studs back into the board?
  • Is the board dishwasher safe? If not, can the grater section or the spikes section be cleaned easily in a washing up bowl?
  • The weight of these food workstations varies considerably. Can you lift the board?
  • If you want to grate a single food type like carrots or cheese, would a hand held grater be more practical?
  • If you will mainly be slicing and chopping you may wish to consider hand held choppers and slicers .
  • If you have difficulty spreading butter, jam etc you may wish to view bread spreading boards.

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