Obtaining help in an emergency

Obtaining help in an emergency

When at home if you live on your own

It is impossible to predict when or why anyone of us may require help at home. You could fall, suddenly feel unwell, have an accident, fire, flood, gas leak, or a break in. A telecare system is a reliable way of ensuring that you can obtain help in an emergency, simply by pressing a button.

With telecare systems help will also be obtained automatically if your telecare equipment detects a potentially dangerous situation. As a result help will still be contacted even if you are unconscious or unable to get to the phone.

Use the link below to view a range of telecare systems.

There are automatic phone dialling alarms that you can set up to dial a specific series of numbers, such as a relatives and friends using a pendant alarm. However these have a number of limitations compared with a telecare alarm system. Read more about choosing between a telecare system and an automatic phone dialler

Contacting a help centre is only the first step in obtaining help. The help centre will decide whether to contact your relatives, carers or emergency services and may ask them to assist you. If someone is sent to assist you then they need to be able to get to you. You may not be able to answer the door, if you have fallen or are unconscious. Remote door opening systems are available, with or without an intercom or as part of a telecare system. Use the links below for more information.

Alternatively, a key safe is a secure metal box which can be secured next to your door. A single copy of your key/s are placed inside but can only be retrieved by someone who knows the correct code to open the box. It is up to you who you give the code to and you can change the code as often as you like. Click on the picture below for more information on key safes.

When at home if you live with a relative or carer

If you live with a relative or carer and wish to have a method to let them know you need help while they are in another part of the house or garden you could consider a pager system.

Away from home

How to obtain the equipment

You can either:

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