Opening drink cans

Opening drink cans

Drink cans (pictured right) account for many of the drinks we buy. With an increase in the number and range of cans available, ring pull designs are being modified to make them easier to open (Dawes, 2009).

Ring pull openers

Ring pull openers can make it easier to open tins with ring pulls if you have reduced hand grip or the use of only one hand. The larger handles increase leverage, although some strength is still needed. Most of the products are portable so they are useful if you are using them on the 'go'. Some of these products are combined with tin openers or bottle openers.

It may be helpful to stabilise the can before using the ring pull opener which will reduce the energy and hand dexterity required. See our sections on slip resistant mats and jar and bottle openers:

If you want to open other types of bottles see our information on:
- openers for flip top bottles and metal bottle tops or
- screw lid openers.

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