Assistance with memory or possible self neglect

Assistance with memory or possible self neglect

There are several ways Telecare systems may be able assist if you experience memory difficulties.

If you find it difficult remembering to take tablets at several different times each day or find you cannot remember whether or not you have taken your medication then a telecare medication dispensor may be helpful. These units can prompt you when to take your medication and dispense the tablets you are due to take. If you do not take the tablets then your help centre is automatically notified by your telecare system and can contact a carer, friend or relative who can remind or assist you. As the unit only dispenses the tablets at the required time, the risk of taking a repeat dose is reduced. Click on the picture below to view telecare medication dispensors.

Forgetting to eat
If you regularly find that you have missed a meal or two then a telecare system may be able to provide prompts that you need to eat. This could work by using a sensor in your kitchen which will alert your help centre if you do not enter the kitchen for several hours. They can then contact you to check you are ok and suggest you prepare a meal or snack.

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