Self Service site for suppliers

DLF's websites provide comprehensive databases offering advice and information on thousands of daily living products, with details on the companies who sell them. To help you keep your product and company information up-to-date, we have developed an online Self-Service site.

If you are a national supplier of daily living equipment (i.e. not a local retailer) and are already listed on our websites as a supplier of equipment, you can register to use the Self-Service system. Please bookmark the site for future use.

The Self-Service site allows you to:

  • Update your company contact details
  • Update the list of products that you sell
  • Update your products' prices*, names and web links
  • Add YouTube™ videos and manuals for your products
  • Notify us of new products
  • Add descriptions to your products (available to manufacturers only).

Why should you update your information?

  • With hundreds of thousands of people visiting DLF's websites every month, you will want to make sure they view the most up-to-date information about your products
  • The rating systems on DLF's websites are based on certain criteria, such as whether a price has been provided or whether a company is a member of certain trade associations, such as the BHTA. Providing this information not only maintains and maximises your ratings; your details will also appear higher in the listings.

Companies who sell 100 products or more may find our Batch Importer useful. For more information, click here: Batch Importer.

If you have any problems using Self-Service please contact our Data Services team on 020 7289 6111 or email data.services@dlf.org.uk

*Our user testing shows that people who visit our websites generally prefer to contact companies who provide a price rather than a POA.